The Poet’s List: Alexzenia Davis

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Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Quote: “Love is the place where rhythm meets melody and makes music. And nobody hears music quite the same.” — Alexzenia Davis

One Accolade: Since 2012, her short film, Make Me a Doorway, has screened both nationally and internationally

As any lyricist will attest, transforming introspection into a written piece—subsequently creating an exposé of self—takes an immense amount of fervor and delicacy. As premeditated as a crime, yet as authentic as innocence itself, the perplexity of a poet is like that of a puzzle.

Alexzenia Davis is this; an enigma of sorts: penning her life without ever quite wanting to tell on herself, open, vulnerable, honest, but yet mysterious and guarded. All of these characteristics can prove to be a possible testament to her Brooklyn, NY upbringing, or even the learned sly maneuvering of her journalism background. Either way, one thing is for sure: she is baring pieces of her soul one poem at a time; and she is inviting you to come along.

Davis published her first book, “Would You Love Me?” in 2011. The book—a poetic piece—contains one poem, of the same title, and is broken only by illustrations. Delving into her inner emotions, Davis ultimately presses the idea of true and undeniable love; even under unfavorable circumstances. Past the initial interrogation, she explores the possibilities of a limitless love. In 2013, she released “New-York-A-Tude.” The compilation of Davis’ poetry—accompanied by the photography of fellow New Yorker, Marielis Gumbs—captures the spirited conviction that flavors New York.

Davis, who has been writing creatively since childhood, began posting YouTube videos upon entering college. The videos—edited with music and stylized to fit the feel of each individual poem—provide a backlog into the journey of the young poet.

The topic of love is one of the many Davis revisits throughout her body of work. Those very thoughts helped garner her recognition on a wider scale with her most recent collaboration. The viral release of the short film, “Make Me a Doorway” (directed/edited by Jesse Russell Brooks; written/narrated by Alexzenia Davis), caused a buzz throughout both poetry and film communities, earning the film dozens of screenings at festivals both nationally and internationally.

In addition to love, her poetic portfolio speaks to politics, activism, religion, and more recently, breaking the chains of mental enslavement. Her views speak to an intense maturity—persistently questioning, yet remaining consistent in her emotional and analytical processes.

Professionally, she has also worked to leave an imprint. Davis began her career as a freelance journalist spotlighting up-and-coming artists and entrepreneurs. With aspirations to mesh her love for music with her passion for writing, she eventually amassed a diverse background by pursuing jobs that complement both desires. Working for companies such as SOTAC Magazine, Nitram Knarf Magazine, Creative Loafing (Charlotte, NC), Y2 Management and Interscope Records, her work has been highlighted in various mediums including online, print, and television.

Davis is a graduate of the renowned LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. She graduated summa cum laude from Johnson C. Smith University with a bachelor’s degree in communication arts/journalism. Davis currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Her life experiences continue to fuel her drive. Her desire for betterment continues to dictate her journey. And her love of poetry continues to write what will certainly be her legacy.


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