The Poet's List - Poet - Poetry News Spokenword Video - Clifford Brooks III

Interview: Clifford Brooks

CLIFFORD BROOKS To hear him speak on art and poetry is to catch a glimpse of how intensely a creator loves. It's a genuine love that exceeds even passion and purpose, and tumbles into pure joy. (A "giddy" state as he puts it.) It is one of the reasons why we reveled in this conversation…Read more Interview: Clifford Brooks

The Poet's List - Poet - Poetry News Spokenword Video - Destiny Muse

Video Interview: Destiny Muse

Spoken word poet, Destiny Muse, sat down with The Poet's List to share the gems of knowledge she attained during her journey to self-love. She sheds light on how her personal experiences, relationships and faith have helped her to overcome fear to find herself. To learn more about Destiny Muse please visit: Site: Instagram: @DestinyTheMuse…Read more Video Interview: Destiny Muse