About the Founder



The Poet’s List was founded in 2014 by Brooklyn native, Alexzenia Davis. Armed with a deep affection for the written and spoken word, Alexzenia decided to transform her personal passion into an inclusive platform; catering to poets and poetry lovers, alike.

Having written both creatively and professionally, Alexzenia’s work has been highlighted in various mediums including online, print and television. She is the author of two poetry books and her poetry video, “Make Me a Doorway,” successfully traveled the world on the film festival circuit. Upon promoting her work, she realized the limited number of sites dedicated to covering poetry. Alexzenia dreamed up The Poet’s List in attempt to help fill the void.

Intended to be a one-stop shop, The Poet’s List features poetry-news, spoken word videos and interviews. In the mood for an already curated playlist? Head on over to The Lodge. Have an event or book release? There’s room for your flyer on the Event Board. The site is also home to The List, a Wikipedia-modeled registry for both up-and-coming and renowned poets. Each link features bios, links, spoken word videos and more.

Through The Poet’s List, poets worldwide can stand together in their creativity and passion; each contributing to an idea that Alexzenia holds dear: The belief that the world needs writers. The world needs passion.

If you want to know more about Alexzenia, please visit her artist page!


How can you help?

To spread the word, share this site on your social media using the hashtag: #ThePoetsList! And if you come across a poem (or poet) that you love, send us an email!

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