2022 Poetry Wrap: Year in Review

2022’s poetry was bold and beautiful, lending itself to: healing (see: Duke’s secret gift and Ladder De Poet); transparency (see: Tiara’s triumph); courage (see: Olivia’s Ode); and excitement (see: Pegasus Poets and the inaugural cohort of “Grammy game changers”).

Though this year was not without its hardship, poets largely embraced celebration and reflection; helping to make this year transformative and special.

We know the holiday season may conjure a variety of emotions. We hope that you find community here, and a poem for every occasion. We hope that you are inspired by the stories that exist within the minds and hearts of the poets who grace our pages.

Our mission is to: Make the poet popular again. We support the poetry community through the dedicated dissemination of content, including: interviews, spoken word videos and curated articles. As we enter our ninth year, we are excited to share new ventures for consumption.

We value your readership and hope that you enjoy reminiscing through our 2022 highlights.

To all the poets and poetry-lovers… we look forward to journeying with you in 2023 and we wish you a very happy New Year!

-The Poet’s List


articles: a poet’s journey

The Poet's List - Poet - Poetry News Spokenword Video - BBC - Duke Al Durham

Saved by the pen…

Duke Al Durham had a secret gift which he kept hidden for years. Describing his craft as both escapism and therapy, he says, “Without writing I don’t know where I’d be.”


The Poet's List - Poet - Poetry News Spokenword Video - Brandon Alexander Williams - WANPOETRY - Write About Now Poetry

Living lyrically…

Brandon Alexander Williams elaborates on how his love of rap laid the framework for his spectacular poetry career.


We are so grateful to have interviewed several awardees of the Poetry Foundation’s 2022 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize!

Please stay tuned for our conversation with Haki Madhubuti which is set to run January 2023.

Click here to support the historic Poetry magazine.

Articles: poetry, everywhere

The Poet's List - Poet - Poetry News Spokenword Video - The Fayetteville Observer - Neil Ray

Fostering Fayetteville…

After realizing that his city lacked a “prominent” poetry community, Neil Ray found a way to fill the void. Decades later, his impact stands firm.


The Poet's List - Poet - Poetry News Spokenword Video - Amanda Deutch - Coney Island - New York City - Parachute Literary Arts

Notes from Brooklyn…

-Brooklyn Paper


The Poet's List - Poet - Poetry News Spokenword Video - Button Poetry - BlacqwildflowrThe Poet's List - Poet - Poetry News Spokenword Video - Yahoo - Mackenzie Berry

Lyrics from Louisville…



The Poet’s List is gearing up for the official launch of TPL TV! You may remember an early rendering of this page in 2021. However, we have added several “channels” to the mix, including a section for poet-hosted podcasts! Stay tuned for a major launch in 2023; but feel free to grab a sneak peak.

The Poet's List - Poet - Poetry News Spokenword Video - Button Poetry - BlacqwildflowrThe Poet's List - Poet - Poetry News Spokenword Video - TPL TV - Television - Podcasts - Interviews

Grammy game changers

Congratulations to the five inaugural nominees of the newest Grammy category: Best Spoken Word Poetry Album! This is the first time that the Recording Academy has designated a category specifically for poetry.

Previously nominated poets fell under the Best Spoken Word Album category which served as a catch-all for narrated recordings, including audio books.

To have a category specifically for poetry is a major step for the genre! Please show your support by sharing the work of the nominated poets or by sharing information about this new category.

Congratulations to the nominees: J. Ivy, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, E. Ethelbert Miller, Amir Sulaiman and Amanda Gorman!

The Poet's List - Poet - Poetry News Spokenword Video - GRAMMYs - Recording Academy - Best Spoken Word Poetry Album


The Poet’s List conducted interviews with a handful of inspiring poets; each of whom are contributing to the culture in a powerful way.

Esteemed poet, Adrian Matejka, was named editor of the historic Poetry magazine. This poised powerhouse chatted with us about his impactful new role and his formidable career.

Through poetry and prayer, she shares her impassioned journey from “Mizhani”, a renowned exotic dancer, to “Minister Tiara Walton.” This was an awe-inspiring conversation.

Deanna “Ladder De Poet” Bautista is a true voice of the times. She spoke with us about her book, The Q Files: Volume 1, and touched on finding a path to healing amid a global pandemic.

Grab your poetry gear

The Poet's List - Poet - Poetry News Spokenword Video - Shop - Merchandise - Merch


The Poet's List - Poet - Poetry News Spokenword Video - Olivia Gatwood - Button Poetry

Olivia’s Ode…

We can’t get enough of Olivia Gatwood’s poem and performance of, “Ode to the Women on Long Island.”

Pick a Poem..

And watch or share to social! Here are some of our favorites from 2022.

Let’s play… wordpit

Have you heard about WordPit? This deck is every poet’s dream. Spike your creativity, get competitive, or use it for therapy and self-care. This fresh, fun and emotional approach to prompt-writing is something you’ve got to experience for yourself.

Each box is comprised of two decks of cards containing thirty (30) poem types and sixty (60) word prompts. When paired together, the cards create a unique poetry prompt; with the deck offering up to 1800 possible combinations. WordPit can be enjoyed as a solo game or in a multi-player setting. Purchase HERE.



SEE YOU IN 2023!

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