Louisville poet pays homage to the ‘Slack Tongue City’ in debut poetry book (via Yahoo)

Louisville native Mackenzie Berry always felt she had a chip on her shoulder.

“I had big dreams, especially as a child, and I thought to accomplish those dreams I would have to leave the city. A lot of people relate to that or think that we don’t have as many resources as a major city,” Berry said.

Even with that “chip” on her shoulder, Berry, who is 24, still carries with her the pride of being from Louisville — a pride that drove her to write the book “Slack Tongue City,” which: explores the dangers and joys of nostalgia for home and place; sketches girlhood; and traces stories of family, food and backyard pools.

The book of poems, published by Sundress Publication, follows Louisville along the line between the South and the Midwest. It reframes the narrative surrounding Louisville and the South, away from being “a dumping ground for national issues,” Berry said.

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Yahoo | Mackenzie Berry

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