Your Voice: Rupi Kaur – The Power of Art, Poetry and Protest | (via Junkee)

The Your Voice section of The Poet’s List showcases articles and blog posts written by poets. These pieces may or not be about poetry. Most often, they are on topics with which the poet finds passion. You can find more of these posts, here: Your Voice.

Our generation has mastered the ability to curate our identity. It’s one of the most glorious privileges that the internet provides. Whatever your social media presence means to you, it undoubtedly tells a particular story about yourself. And there’s no person better at encompassing the joys of artful self-expression in our modern age than 24-year-old poet, illustrator and author Rupi Kaur.Kaur has navigated the advantages and shortcomings of the internet with expert grace. Her unrelentingly honest depictions of womanhood, abuse, family and love reach over 1.2 million followers daily. Her debut book of poetry milk & honey, originally self-published before being picked up Andrew McNeels Publishing, has now become a New York Times bestseller.Yet she’s run into difficulty too. In 2015, she shared a series of photographs on Instagram of a young woman strewn over her bed, menstrual blood trailing from her trackpants to her sheets. Believing it to violate their community guidelines, the platform took down the photo. Twice. Kaur protested the baseless decision by drawing attention to the glaring contradiction of it — that Instagram can be a place for women to be objectified, but not humanised.

“I will not apologise for not feeding the ego and pride of a misogynist society that will have my body in underwear but not be okay with a small leak,” she wrote. Kaur attracted enormous worldwide support. Instagram relented.

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Junkee | Rupi Kaur

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