Book review: Wise, sassy poetry from Victorian Rhonda Ganz (via Vancouver Sun)

Full Title: “Book review: Surprising, wise, irreverent, sassy poetry from Victorian Rhonda Ganz (via Vancouver Sun)”

Frequent, small loads of laundry | Poems | Rhonda Ganz (Mother Tongue Publishing)

Whether from personal encounters, newspaper stories, memories or her quirky imagination, Rhonda Ganz’s poems create a fabulous wash day.

Ganz is a poet and graphic designer from Victoria who designed her own book. With a title like Frequent, small loads of laundry, one would expect the poems to be delightfully absurd, and they are.

The first poem is the title one in which a woman “on occasion / took a lover, but only in months having thirty days …”

Reading about someone who is eccentric, you may chuckle, as I did, at scenes that are also tender: “The man who visited most was legally blind, / saw her a darkness leaning in for a kiss.” The woman of the poem “declined insurance, refused to buy in bulk,” and is the one who does “frequent, small loads of laundry.”

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Vancouver Sun | Rhonda Ganz | Book

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