Your Voice: Shaneen Harris finds her calling in spoken word (via Akronist TV)

Full Title: “Shaneen Harris discusses finding a calling in the spoken word (Pat Reese Show – Akronist TV)”

Video interview below!

Shaneen Harris left a high paying IT job to pursue a calling from God, specifically a calling to write a poetry book called “Because God Said So.” On this episode of the Pat Reese Show, Harris discusses the difficulty in taking a leap of faith: leaving a full-time job to pursue her passion, which is bound to involve a good share of second-guessing.

She says it’s not easy to pursue your dreams — it can be difficult, and you need to keep moving forward and know that God has a plan. Harris has found her calling and voice in spoken word and written poetry and will be hosting her own poetry show “Poetry Unchained” which will begin airing this month.

For more information about Harris or to buy her most recent book “Because God Said So,” visit her website (link below).

Click here for more information.



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