Poetry is protest for poet Sasha Banks (via PBS NewsHour)

You can read and/or listen to Sasha’s poem by clicking the link below.

When officer Darren Wilson killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown last August, Sasha Banks wanted to use poetry to hold the country accountable.

“I remember feeling so exhausted by my own rage, and also I was a little afraid of my own rage, with this country,” she said.

Banks organized Poets for Ferguson, a 24-hour live stream from Sept. 27-28, 2014, where poets all over the country read their work in response to events in Ferguson, Missouri. Many of the poets read pieces about their experiences with police brutality, although the event did not require it, she said.

Banks, who is also a jazz singer and pianist, first began performing poetry after a student at Dartmouth found her chapbook online and invited her to an event. Since then, she has worked to help build a community that empowers poets through language.

Click here for more information.



PBS | PBS NewsHourSasha Banks | Poets for Ferguson

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