Mother and daughters will present art and poetry (via The National)

Full Title: Mother and daughters will present art and poetry in A Picture and a Thousand Words (via The National)

Fatima Al Jaroudi and her daughters Noura Ali Al Ramahi and Sarah Snowneil Ali will present an exhibition of their art and poetry in A Picture and a Thousand Words at The Space in January.

Al Jaroudi, a former physics teacher from Lebanon, who moved to Dubai with her husband and three daughters in 1989, retired from teaching in 1998 and moved to Abu Dhabi, where she began taking silk painting lessons from the Cultural Foundation. She found her passion when she began oil painting on canvas, with her main subject being nature and specifically landscapes.

Al Ramahi dabbled in pencil and charcoal drawing as a high-school student in Dubai in the 1990s, and also began silk painting. She began painting on clay as a university student in Beirut and then paper and canvas. Her works are abstract human figures and she also creates colourful artwork of her poems.

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