(Video) Danman | #DearYoungers

Additional Info

#DearYoungers #SpokenWord by @DanmanSSQUAD

#DearYoungers Project
“A Real talk & advice project for young men helping them keep their MIND right & Emotions in check during the different struggles life can bring”
Using Online Outreach to engage young people using key tools including, Videos, Music, Forums and opportunities for one to ones during the evening and available on weekends.
#MentalHeathMatters prevention is better than cure
Advice, Guidance, Positive messages
Using the Power of Social Media to challenge and change attitudes of Mental Health among young men.

Run by First Class Legacy

The bridge between you and local communities, with specialism in youth engagement. Working with the Private, Public sector & Large Charities that want to do something that will IMPACT and leave a legacy for generations to come.

Consultancy, Media, Outreach, Events, Training

For more information email: info@fclegacy.co.uk

Information courtesy, YouTube

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