The art of storytelling in poetry (via Royal Gazette)

Some parents chastise their children for making up stories — Christian Campbell’s encouraged him.

It inspired a lifelong passion for storytelling that has served the 34-year-old well.

His poetry collection, Running the Dusk, was praised at the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival in Suffolk, England. It was also shortlisted as a Best First Book for the 2010 Forward Poetry Prize in the UK.

The University of Toronto professor was recently here as writer-in-residence for the Ministry of Community & Cultural Affairs.

“My father played this interesting game with my brother and I when we were five or so,” said Dr Campbell of his early introduction to storytelling.

“He would start telling a story, and I would have to continue it and then it was my brother’s turn.”

Dr Campbell wrote stories and poems throughout his childhood in the Bahamas but didn’t really get interested in poetry until his late teens.

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Royal Gazette | Christian Campbell

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