The Poet’s List: WriterJones

WriterJones (4)


Hometown: Portsmouth, VA

Quote: “I’m not a fan of the way that there’s no visible balance between party rhymers and full time punch liners.” — WriterJones

One Accolade: Has recorded five full length albums

WriterJones, real name Eric A. Jones, is a Spoken Word Artist, Author, and Journalist from Portsmouth, Virginia. Jones has been performing spoken word publicly since 2007 and since then, elevated his level of craftsmanship to where his sound is easily recognizable and undeniably pleasing to the ear. He began his journey into the world of spoken word poetry by performing at local open mics, showcases, colleges, and various events. Feeling the need broadcast his work to a wider audience, he began recording his pieces to music in 2010. Since then, he has since recorded five full length albums and much to his surprise, two of them were produced, in their entirety, by producers hailing respectively from France and London. WriterJones has quickly become a name that is synonymous with the terms “hard work” and “dedication” as he continues to grow as a professional recording artist with every album he releases. Most of his music has a life changing, sometimes political overtone and more often than not, soulful, hip hop based, or jazz infused production will complement his straight to the point poetry. Currently, WriterJones is working on several projects with producers from all over the world and continues to strive to use his words as a platform to influence and entertain those who listen.

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