The Poet’s List: Theresa Lola

Theresa (4)


Hometown: London, UK

Quote: “You will love again. Maybe yourself. Maybe, someone else. But you will love again.” — Theresa Lola

One Accolade: Was a recipient of the Jack Petchey Outstanding Achievement award

Theresa Lola is poet from London, UK whose poems are a conscious representation of the issues relevant to society. Dealing with topics such as violence, social set ups, equality etc. Her emotional piece ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ speaking on the Boko Haram kidnapping of the almost 300 girls in Nigeria garnered her international responses.

In honour of her academic and creative achievements, Theresa was awarded the ‘Jack Petchey Outstanding Achievement’ award. Her poem ‘Do I Deserve the Love of My Mother?’ is featured in the anthology ‘Essence of love’ displayed in The British Library.

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