The Poet’s List: Shaina Lynn


Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Quote: “My mind, as mother, wonders how can I realign them stars in my eyes before they become the stars in the sky.” — Shaina Lynn

One Accolade: Performed at Busboys & Poets

Born a poet in the Bayous of New Orleans, this Cajun Queen rode the storm to the bright lights of New York City. Since then she has been exploring her talents in music, modeling, storytelling, and acting.

She has produced & starred in several staged productions (Blues Blues & Proud Nigga To Soldier), independent films (P.O.R.N & Drown In Your Sorrows), and even a web-series (P.O.L).

She has performed her poetry at Bowery Poetry Club, Inspired Word (NYC), and Busboys & Poets. She has also been featured at the well-known La-Ti-Do (DC).

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