The Poet’s List: Sam Cook

Sam Cook 6SAM COOK

Hometown: Minnesota

Quote: “Each of us only get a few opportunities to show another person that humanity is more than the people behind you who will trample you when you fall.” — Sam Cook

One Accolade: Founder of Button Poetry

Sam Cook is a National Poetry Slam champion who resides in Minnesota. He is a recipient of the 2012 Verve Grant and the Founder of Button Poetry. Sam works for Macalester College, coaching and coordinating their CUPSI slam program.

Additionally, Sam is the Director of the two-time national champion St. Paul Soap Boxing poetry slam and has coached Minnesota college slam teams to numerous final stages and accolades including the “Best Individual Poet” award, five years running.

Sam is committed to reaching out to youth in Minnesota and nationwide through poetry, performance and a deep love for tomfoolery.


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