Lodge Sessions


Hey there, welcome to The Lodge.

Choose a cabin below to view a Lodge Session.



Time: We’ll keep the lights on.

Location: www.ThePoetsList.com/lodge


Cabin A: Lodge Session 1

Cabin B: Lodge Session 2

Cabin C: Love Session

Cabin D: Black Power Session

Cabin E: Ladies Session

Cabin F: Guys Session

Cabin G: Session 7 (coming soon)

Cabin H: Session 8 (coming soon)


What is The Lodge?

If you love poetry, then you probably love poetry readings! …Right?

Well, #ThePoetsList has curated an open mic night of sorts. Curl up and meet us at The Lodge—whenever you’re in the mood. Each session, six poets will bless you with their lyricism and energy. Maybe you’ve already seen these performances, maybe you haven’t. Either way, you’ll be in for a treat.


…You’ve been looking for a line to captivate your mind…

…Courtesy of fascinating poets and brilliant rhymes…

…So get cozy with some hot chocolate, some tea, or some wine…

….and join us for a scintillating time!


See you soon.


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