The Poet’s List: Camonghne ‘Ka’Mone’ Felix



Hometown: New York, NY

Quote: “In these books, mostly I found people that I trusted. They were complex… and they were silenced.” — Ka’Mone Felix

One Accolade: Was featured on HBO’s Brave New Voices

Camonghne Felix is a poet, essayist and songwriter from New York City. Camonghne was a 2012 Pushcart Prize nominee, the 2013 recipient of the Cora Craig Award for Young Women, and was a feature in the HBO documentary Brave New Voices and the full-length documentary Damn Wonderful.

You can find her work in various publications; some include Pank Magazine, Specter Magazine, Kenning Journal, and Sinister Wisdom. She writes about young people, contemporary culture, and the intersecting politics of both.

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