Poets Bookshop: a Community Around Poetry (via D Magazine)

Full Title: “At Poets Bookshop in Bishop Arts, a Writer Creates a Community Around Poetry (via D Magazine)”

Dallas, TX

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Marco Cavazos never set out to publish a book of poetry. He’d write poems at the end of a long day, using the medium to navigate complicated emotions spurred by events in his life.

Cavazos is the owner of Poets Bookshop in the Bishop Arts District, a quaint bookstore with a focus on poetry that opened in January 2020. When Cavazos started writing the poems that would eventually end up in his collection, he’d recently gone through a divorce and was mourning the end of a 10-year relationship. He would write poems in between finishing chapters in his novel.

“It was never intentional to make this a collection,” he said. “One day I just realized I had all these kinds of similar existential love poems.”

These poems are published in Cavazos’ collection, Some Notes on Love, which explores the question of human existence, how humans relate to each other, and how we can hurt and love each other. When Cavazos was ready to share it with the world, he submitted it to a couple of traditional publishers. After striking out, Cavazos realized he could publish the book himself.

“I sourced the printing, I did my own editing, my own layout, all that stuff,” Cavazos said. “I got to the point where I just wanted to put something out there. And I’m at a point where I want to write poetry and focus on that. If I can sell enough at a handful of bookstores, then I don’t really need traditional publishing.”

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