Central Florida man finds his voice, business through art and typewriter poetry (via Orlando Sentinel)

Although words are Marquis Lee’s specialty, he struggles to find the nouns and adjectives to adequately and accurately describe himself. There’s too much to contain in a sentence.

“I’m still finding myself as far as the arts go because I have so many different things that I do,” he said. “I consider myself a multidisciplinary visionary artist. I delve into photography, a bit of videography, typewriter poetry, spoken word poetry, performance poetry and painting as well.”

Many of these myriad media Lee has long enjoyed as passions and hobbies. Now, he’s finding a way to make a living for his family and himself through his words, paintbrushes and creative energy.

Lee can often be found set up with his typewriter at Lake Eola Park during the Orlando Farmers Market on Sundays, joined by his son Amir, 6, his partner Jennifer Sunseri and their son Nazir, just shy of 1 year old. Sometimes Sunseri will make balloon animals, adding to the artistry of the family.

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Orlando Sentinel

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