Amanda Gorman Will Teach You How to Write Poetry with New MasterClass (via EURweb)

Per press release, MasterClass members will have unprecedented access to Gorman’s invaluable tips and personal experiences on how to harness poetry and write words that can change and heal the world. Members will have exclusive access to her famous inaugural reading of “The Hill We Climb,” where she demonstrates the elements of a poetic performance and shares how she prepared for the historic day. 

The MasterClass also offers a first-time look at the journals Gorman used while brainstorming for her book, “Call Us What We Carry.”  Additionally, members will be offered an accessible, yet technical, start-to-finish approach to writing that any future poet can use as a framework including a breakdown of poetic structure, insight into common rhetorical devices used within famous poems and a hands-on demonstration of the revision process.  

Click here for more information.


EURweb | Amanda Gorman | MasterClass (YouTube)

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