Spoken word and sonic rituals: East LA exhibit features Latinx artists using sound (via NPR)

A museum in East Los Angeles is showcasing the sound work of Latino artists and art collectives in an exhibition called “Sonic Terrains in Latinx Art.” The show spans generations and genres, including experimental and avant-garde artists, spoken word performers and pop musicians.

“What emerges is this really interesting, polyphonic expression of sound in our culture,” says Joseph Valencia, one of the curators at the Vincent Price Art Museum, located on the campus of East L.A. College. “The art in this exhibition engages with history, engages with community, political activism, art for identity formation, cultural belonging, collective healing.”

Three floors of galleries open with the work of Pauline Oliveros, a post-war experimental and electronic musician and composer best known for her work on the accordion and for developing concepts around “deep listening.” Valencia says Oliveros’ work is important “because it shows a queer female figure who was really challenging both music composition standards at the time and really carving space for people like her.”

Click here for more information.


NPR | Sonic Terrains in Latinx Art

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