Former Exotic Dancer Mizhani Shares How She Healed Through Travel & Poetry (via Travel Noire)

After years of shining bright in some of America’s most popular strip clubs, former exotic dancer Tiara ‘Mizhani’ Walton, 32, is hanging up her cape in exchange for peace of mind. 

The Detroit dancer rose to stardom fast and in 2014, at the age of 23-years-old, was named the queen of King of Diamonds in Miami. At the time, KOD was the biggest adult entertainment venue in the country; attracting thousands of patrons, throwing thousands of dollars sky-high for the young entertainer. 

But one day something clicked in Mizhani and, without warning, she quit the nightlife industry.

“I won’t say anything motivated me to leave the underworld or the nightlife industry,” Mizhani said. “I just quit cold turkey one day. I quit everything; I quit having sex, I quit smoking weed and I quit stripping on the same day. I just didn’t want to do it anymore.”

Nearly five years since her departure from the industry, Mizhani is now very careful about whom she shares her energy with. Whereas before she’d do five photoshoots a week, traveling the country to promote her brand, she now is very cautious about whom she allows into her personal space. 

Instead of twirling around the pole for thousands of dollars, Mizhani now spends her time focusing on building her pole fitness company, Mizhani Pole Fitness, and writing poetry that is reflective of her soul. Her pole fitness company has a three-day workshop coming up and she will be opening for Erykah Badu, performing her spoken word, in Jacksonville, FL in May. 

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