The book of poetry this workplace happiness expert thinks everyone should read (via CNBC)

When Jenn Lim pitched her new book “Beyond Happiness” in early 2020, she thought she’d discuss her decade of work as CEO of Delivering Happiness, the business consulting firm she cofounded to help companies build happier, more sustainable workforces using science-backed research on happiness.

No one, let alone she, could predict the way the coronavirus pandemic would change everything about daily life and work in the months to come. As she provided updates on how companies from Starbucks to Airbnb were responding to the global crisis, she experienced her own life-changing loss when her cofounder and close personal friend Tony Hsieh, the larger-than-life business leader known for his work as CEO of Zappos, died suddenly in November 2020.

As she worked through her grief, Lim says one book stands out for helping her through her personal as well as professional challenges.

Lim tells CNBC Make It that she recommends everyone, especially those early in their career, read “Inward,” a collection of poetry, quotes, and prose written by a meditator, writer and speaker Diego Perez who goes by the name yung pueblo, which means “young people.”

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CNBC | Jenn Lim

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