Eric Alexandrakis’ Spoken Word Album Touches on Benefits of Music Therapy (via EIN Presswire)

Full Title: “Grammy® Nominee Eric Alexandrakis Releases Musical Spoken Word Album About The Benefits of Music Therapy (via EIN Presswire)

Grammy® Nominated artist Eric Alexandrakis has released yet another component from his critically acclaimed Terra series of releases. Alexandrakis’ latest release, Terra: Music Is The Medicine Which Keeps My World Spinning In Harmony [Living With Post-Cancer Trauma Via Music’s Healing Powers], follows in the format footsteps of his Grammy® Nominated musical Spoken Word album I.V. Catatonia: 20 Years As A Two-Time Cancer Survivor.

This time the focus is on the value of music therapy, using Eric’s cancer treatments as a reference, but also touches upon its effects on other multiple ailments including PTSD, dementia, Alzheimer’s, domestic abuse, Parkinson’s, and so on.

“I find that if we aren’t creating ripples that others can benefit from, we’re not only not doing our jobs as members of this corporeal community, but we’re also limiting the value of our existence, both now, and once we are gone. That’s how we live on and on…by making positive ripples.”

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EIN Presswire | Eric Alexandrakis

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