A life of Cin has no limits for Birmingham rapper and spoken word artist (via Montgomery Advertiser)

When Cin the Poet looks at her years to come as a rapper, writer and spoken word artist, she sees no limits. She even has speeches prepared for an eventual Grammy, and one for a Nobel Peace Prize. 

“It’s limitless,” she said. “I can go as far as I put the work into it.”

A major chunk of that effort is coming out of Montgomery for Cin, who has been working with local producer and artist Noah Baker. A native of west Birmingham, Cin is a veteran of Baker’s Alabama Massacre series, with verses on number 15, 16, 17, and upcoming 19 and 20. 

“I’m inspired by a lot. Everyday life,” said Cin, who has a book of poetry coming out. “I write as an outlet.”

She also has an audiobook in the works with Alabama producer Cano Cain Classic.

“He has an extremely grand body of work,” Cin said.  “That’s where my ‘Never’ project was produced.”

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