Kids Reflect On COVID-19 In Letters, Poetry And Artwork (via WBUR)

As we worked on our “Pandemic Generation” series about how the coronavirus has deeply affected the mental health of a generation of kids and teens, we wanted to include a project that would center on their voices and perspectives.

The frustrations and fears of adults were shared widely in columns and commentaries across many news sites, including our own. It was time to hear more from the kids.

We launched a writing contest, dubbed the “Pandemic Writing Project,” asking kids and teens to write or draw anything under 600 words that expressed their feelings and experiences during the pandemic. We offered a few prompts, but left it open-ended.

And the kids truly delivered; we received dozens of entries over the few short weeks we requested the letters. The power of the work we received prompted us to launch a second call for submissions.

We hope this post will inspire other kids and teens to participate and help us capture as broad of a collection of writing and artwork as possible. Here are the details on how to submit your own work before the next deadline: Oct. 1, 2021.

Click here for more information.


WBUR | Submission Guidelines

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