Are Book Launch Parties Needed Anymore? (via BookMarketingBuzzBlog)

One casualty of the pandemic in the publishing world, the book launch party, is sure to return. The only question is not “when,” but why”?

The vast majority, and I mean like 99.5%, of book launch parties, are not profitable nor worthy of media attention. They can be big ego boosters and serve as fodder for social media posts, which is fine, but they are often events that do little to make the book a success.

Book launch parties, at one time, were more important than they are today. There were fewer book launches years ago and the authors were more accomplished, holding sometimes elaborate parties in cool settings.

Big-time publishers would enlist their society friends, stable of best-selling authors, and Hollywood royalty to fill a room. It was a setting for the powerful to remind themselves of their place in the world.  Whispered seductions over drinks between adults having affairs could even be sealing future publishing deals.

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