UW Libraries to Host Lift Every Voice Poetry Programs in October (Via Wyoming News Now)

University of Wyoming Libraries is partnering with the Albany County Public Library (ACPL) to offer a series of events to celebrate African American poetry in October.

Lift Every Voice: Why African American Poetry Matters is a national program dedicated to enhancing appreciation of the extraordinary range and richness of the 250-year-long African American poetic tradition.

UW Libraries received two grants to celebrate African American poetry and culture: one from the Library of America’s Lift Every Voice project and a second from the Wyoming Humanities Council.

UW Libraries-sponsored events will all be virtual, free and available to residents throughout Wyoming and the region. To view information about the Lift Every Voice programs, including speaker biographies and links to the programs, go to www.uwyo.edu/libraries.

Click here for more information.


Wyoming News Now | University of Wyoming Libraries | Albany County Public Library

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