Imelda May on poetry and equality (via The Irish Post)

Full Title: “INTERVIEW: Imelda May on poetry and equality ahead of all-female ‘Imagining Ireland’ cultural event”

THIS MONTH will see Irish singer, songwriter and poet Imelda May take to the stage at London’s Barbican Hall as part of a one-night only, all-female line-up event showcasing some of the best talent Ireland has to offer.

But that’s not all– despite having ‘hidden away’ for a while, Imelda has been busy behind the scenes, and looks set to come back with a bang this year, with new music, new performances and even a book of poetry in the works.

Speaking to us at The Irish Post, Imelda talks about Imagining Irelandcreativity, equality and empowerment.

[What can we expect from the Imagining Ireland event this month?]

“It’s a wonderful one night event that I’m very proud to be part of,” she says. “This will be an all-female lineup celebrating Irish literature, music and creativity in Irish women.”

“But women and men should come to this, and people who aren’t Irish– we should get a good mixture..

“For such a small country we have an abundance of creativity. We’re known for being poets and storytellers, and it’s a beautiful culture. So I hope people come and listen and maybe learn.”

“I’m going to do some poetry and a couple of songs. I’ll mix it up a little bit.

[The theme of Imagining Ireland is ‘Speaking up, Speaking Louder’ — do you think women in the industry have to speak louder to be heard?]

“Not just in music, in everything,” she admits.

“I think especially in Irish culture it’s important, because something happened along the way in our culture where we became a patriarchal society, but before that it was quite matriarchal,” she says, highlighting the legends of pre-Christianity Brigid and The Morrigan.

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The Irish Post | Imelda May

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