Immersed in poetry at the Library of Congress (via Penn Today)

As a poet herself, working at the Poetry and Literature Center at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., has been the perfect opportunity for rising Penn junior Joyce Hida, especially since she is interested in arts administration.

“I just love listening to poetry for hours,” says Hida, an English major in the School of Art and Sciences from Vernon, Connecticut. Listening to authors reading their poetry is what she does in this summer internship through RealArts@Penn, which provides a stipend.

Hida timestamps digital recordings in the Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature, making a table of contents so researchers will know at what point each poem starts, making the collection more accessible and easier to use. Most of the recordings she is working with are long readings by the poets, along with interviews. It is similar, she says, to the recordings she is familiar with through Penn Sound at Kelly Writers House.

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Penn Today | Library of Congress

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