The Poetry to the People tour brings renowned poets to deliver readings outside Carnegie Library (via Pittsburgh City Paper)

On Sat., June 15, visitors to Carnegie Library’s main branch will find collections of books to borrow not only inside the building but outside of it. The Poetry to the People tour is a multi-city book truck road trip — beginning in New York and ending in New Orleans — that brings free books and poetry readings to every stop.

The project is run by House of Speakeasy and Narrative 4, two New York-based organizations. House of Speakeasy hosts readings with renowned authors and provides literary tools to underserved communities, while Narrative 4 facilitates story exchanges (a genre of group writing exercise).

“There are plenty of places in New York that don’t have access to books, but there are many more places in parts of the country that need a delivery system for books,” says Paul Morris, strategic director at House of Speakeasy.

For every city on the tour, Poetry to the People will work with local literary organizations to host readings and other events. In Pittsburgh, there will be readings by poets Rickey Laurentiis and Jenny Johnson, as well as local teen poets. All the stops on the tour will feature teen poets reading alongside more established ones.

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Pittsburgh City Paper | Narrative 4 | Carnegie Library

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