Upstart Arts and Poetry Creative Community, Thalia, Launches First Print Magazine (via Yahoo)

Thalia Magazine (“Thalia”) is excited to announce the launch of their first print collection, available for pre-order beginning May 2019. The magazine, co-founded by sisters Julia and Amelia Haney in late 2017, celebrates artists, designers, poets, and other creatives who identify with womanhood and artistic expression, from Boston to New YorkLondon to Paris, and worldwide.

“Our issues are galleries that you can hold in the palm of your hand; they are portals into the hearts and minds of each creative featured,” said co-founder, artist and designer, Amelia Haney. “We hope that through glimpses into each unique creative process we can create stories of inspiration, connection, and community.”

The magazine has published four digital issues, including a Space, Ritual, Memory, and Protest Issue, and celebrated a diverse array of artists, including poets, embroiderers, photographers, sculptors, and painters, among others.

Click here for more information.


Yahoo | Thalia Magazine

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