Local poets present to EMS seventh-graders (via The Emporia Gazette)

Did you hear alliteration in the air? Could you feel brains growing and passion seeping? Was Johnny Cash singing a song written by Shel Silverstein?

That was what students who were a part of the Emporia Middle School poetry presentation experienced Wednesday.

Five local poets visited with the seventh-grade language arts classes to talk about the writing process and the importance of continuing to read and write outside of school. Among these poets was Kevin Rabas, Amy Sage Webb, Lindsey Bartlett, Kerry Moyer and Linzi Garcia. The event was organized by seventh-grade language arts teachers Shawna Caro and Callie Windholz and hosted in the EMS library.

The seventh grade language arts classes are currently learning about how to bridge creative writing, social justice and argumentative writing. Prior to this event, classes spent time researching poets and activists, including Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes and Tupac. Exemplifying artistic writers who felt passionately about social justice show students that argumentative writing is flavored by passion and a creative writing style to match.

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