Omari Hardwick Is Launching A Spoken Word Podcast (via Madame Noire)

Omari Hardwick is entering the world of podcasts. The Power star revealed that he is launching his own podcast “Poetics” where he is challenging some of our favorite rappers to show off their spoken word skills.

“I’m asking rappers to come in and sit down and recite a poem,” The 45-year-old told Billboard. “Lose the machismo. Poetry has a vulnerability that rap and MC’ing doesn’t. You gotta be vulnerable. That kind of takes it to another level and gives [artists] a different look.”

Hardwick and his team fully understand how competitive the podcast world is and ensure that their podcast will stand out from the rest.

“Omari encourages guests to go deep, and we enhance that storytelling with a dope soundscape,” executive producer Alex Nagel said. “It’s not like an interview that you hear on a lot of podcasts.”

Guests include Dave East, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Wyclef Jean and more. “Poetics” will be premiering on the Luminary Network on May 2nd.

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Madame Noire | Omari Hardwick | Luminary

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