The Slam Poets, Spoken Words, And Intersectionality Of Burque Revolt (via Forbes)

Spearheaded by a woman and her community of fellow poets—who mainly identify as women—Burque Revolt is Albuquerque’s intergenerational poetry organization that connects youth, college students, and adults using the power of spoken word and writing. Burque Revolt honors the stories of women, people of color, LGBTQ, youth, and any and all intersections of those identities, which is why the organization’s leaders have created spaces for these specific identities to express themselves through monthly open mics, workshops, and slam poetry competitions.

Burque Revolt began with a feeling of confinement. I—President and Slam Master, Mercedez Holtry—felt there was changes that needed to happen in my community, but I felt restricted by my loyalty and dedication to my previous organization, which didn’t allow room for growth. There were pieces of the puzzle that needed to be put together for the sake of community alignment, but there was not a process or protocol on how to be given the authority to do so within the organization. I felt cheated out of the leadership role I knew I could fulfill. So, without hesitation and with the approval and help of my community, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and created a new non-profit organization, whose ultimate mission is to unite all ages of poets to enjoy and engage in the vibrant and talented community of poetry that Albuquerque has always been proud of.

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Forbes | Burque Revolt (Facebook)

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