8 Reasons To Give The Gift Of Poetry This Season (via Bustle)

Consider those sophisticated people in your life for whom purchasing a gift is always a source of anxiety. The art-lover with a keen and discerning eye; the fashion enthusiast with idiosyncratic style; the bookworm who, it seems, has read absolutely everything. What if there was one thoughtful and unique gift you could present to them this season that would engage, excite, and inspire them throughout the whole year? Reader, there is! Meet Poetry magazine.

There’s a reason why Poetry the magazine and poetry the art form are synonymous. Poetry magazine is the oldest (over a century!) and longest-running magazine dedicated to poems in the English-speaking world. And while the magazine’s history is impressive, you’d have no indication of its old-school roots by looking at a current issue. The magazine continues to publish cutting-edge writers, from the emerging and experimental to the well established and lyrical. Each issue contains a diverse array of writing that will appeal to readers of all backgrounds.

This season, you can share the art of poetry with a loved one (and/or with yourself!) all year round, by gifting a one-year subscription to Poetry magazine. The monthly magazine publishes book-length, beautiful volumes replete with original artwork, poems, essays, letters, and more. The magazine is carefully curated to appeal to the poetry expert and the casual reader alike. And best of all, Poetry is currently offering a special rate of $20 for 11 issues of the magazine, making it a gift that fits into any budget.

Not yet convinced? Here are eight more reasons to give the gift of poetry this season.

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