Poetry program helps Lancaster students express themselves (via Lancaster Online)

Poetry is boring.

And difficult.

At least that’s what Journie Rodriguez thought at the beginning of the just-completed school year.

By the end of the school year, however, the King Elementary fifth-grader had changed her mind.

Her English class took part in Poetry Paths, a program that teaches students in the School District of Lancaster to write poetry. Journie began to enjoy reading and writing it.

“I had never done it before, so I thought it was pretty boring,” Journie says. “After I had done it, and we learned more about it, it came easier, and I started to really like it.”

Kerry Sherin Wright, the director of Poetry Paths, remembers that her fifth-grade teacher took the time to teach her about poetry. Since then, poetry has played an instrumental role in her life.

“My poems were not brilliant; that kind of didn’t matter,” says Wright, director of the Philadelphia Alumni Writers House at Franklin & Marshall College. “Being introduced to any type of creative writing when you’re younger teaches you that it’s something you can do, too.”

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Lancaster Online



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