New poet laureate wants Athens to be known for its poetry (via The Post Athens)

Athens, Ohio.

Kari Gunter-Seymour wasn’t always a poet. But when her son, a combat veteran, was serving in Iraq, she began writing as a form of therapy to keep herself from thinking of what could happen to him.

“It was just a horrible time. The violence there was so profound; the death rate was so high,” Gunter-Seymour said, holding back tears. “Every single moment, I wondered if my son was alive.”

She said her son is fine, and she continues to share her poetry throughout Ohio.

A poet from Amesville, Gunter-Seymour was selected to be the poet laureate for the City of Athens in February, according to a previous Post report. Since then, she has been working with poets locally and around Ohio to support the “thriving poetry community” in Athens.

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