Thomasville church celebrates Martin Luther King’s legacy (via FOX 8)

Full Title: “Thomasville church celebrates Martin Luther King’s legacy with music, actors, poets and spoken word (via FOX 8)”

It started off with music and then flowed into several skits of empowerment at Citadel of Faith Christian Fellowship.

Church officials decided to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday differently this year with an art theme.

All of it showcasing how African Americans have advanced.

“What we do and what we possess and where we’re going and how far we’ve already come,” said I-Inspire CEO Tomeka Allen.

I-Inspire Productions of Greensboro helped put on the open mic celebration.

The event consisted of actors, poets, spoken word and even inspiring rap artist.

All of their performances were based on empowerment.

This is something church officials don’t want to see dwindle away especially in the younger generation.

“If we came together as a nation, as one, that we could stand together,” said Pamela Jackson, a church member.

She said people have to remember who they truly are inside.

That’s where Dr. King’s message of love and equality still remains in a lot of people no matter what you look like.

“Not just for one, not just for some, but for all,” Jackson said.

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