New Book: “Reverse Selfie” by Tulsa Poet, Victoria McArtor (via Public Radio Tulsa)

Full Title: “‘Reverse Selfie’ — An Engaging New Book from Tulsa Poet, Victoria McArtor (via Public Radio Tulsa)”

On this edition of ST, we speak with the locally based poet, poetry teacher, and literary activist, Victoria McArtor. She tells us about her new book, “Reverse Selfie,” which is a collection of poems written in response to — or in conversation with, or in tribute to — various Tulsa landmarks. This book, which actually began as a write-one-poem-every-day-for-a-month project back in 2015, also features striking photographs by Matthew Phipps, thereby capturing in both words and images the vitality, beauty, wonder, and strangeness of the City of Tulsa.

Click here for more information.


Public Radio Tulsa | Victoria McArtor

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