8-Year-Old Spoken Word Poet: ‘Please, Mr. Trump, Stop Tweeting’ (via NBC7)

Click link below to view video!

An 8-year-old poet from D.C. has a request: “Please, Mr. Trump, stop tweeting. Stop teasing America.”

Christian Alvarado, a member of a youth spoken word program, performed his poem aimed at President Donald Trump live on News4 Thursday morning.

“The poem that I wrote is called ‘Disaster, Pain and Suffering,'” he began.

“Immigrants fear deportation, Trump wants to build a wall. Trump tweets.” Christian said. “A shooting in Las Vegas, 58 dead. You got it. Trump tweets.”

“Puerto Ricans are homeless and suffering because of a hurricane. Trump tweets. Disaster, pain and suffering. Please, Mr. Trump, stop tweeting. Stop teasing America,” the elementary school student continued.

Then, he repeated the poem in Spanish.

“Señor Trump, no más tweeting, por favor,” he said.

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