Instapoets show there’s no limitation to form in poetry (via Daily Titan)

Poetry is an art form, and like most art forms, it’s always changing. Contemporary poetry has adapted to its audience, and despite not following a traditional format, Instagram poetry is still an art form that’s meant to be appreciated.

Many modern poets have found success posting excerpts of their work on social media sites like Instagram. Such authors are referred to as instapoets.

By sharing their work through that platform, some poets have been signed to publishing deals, or have even self-published.

Despite their success, these poets have been subject to unfounded criticism. Author Thom Young is an unfortunate example of this bigotry.

Young mocked these instapoets by using a stock photo of a bearded man under the pseudonym “Tyler,” and posted what he viewed as “simplistic” poetry to see if he could gain followers at the same rate as other successful poets.

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Daily Titan

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