Gary Poetry Project penning its final stanza (via NWI Times)

The Calumet Artist Residency’s Gary Poetry Project, a yearlong effort to fill the Steel City with verse, is nearing its end.

The Miller-based arts group has held poetry workshops across the city, distributed a zine of historic Gary poems and painting a sprawling citywide poem on plyboard on abandoned buildings across the city.

“The Calumet Artist Residency wishes to thank the many hundreds of people who made the Gary Poetry Project happen and made it a fun experience,” the group said in a statement. “As with most projects, some work remains. As the weather allows, the Calumet Artist Residency will continue to paint plywood with the remaining poems collected during the year. We are currently manufacturing a public art poem ‘Gary Is’ and plan to install this large wall of cedar in the spring.”

Next year, the group plans to launch a website to document the project. It will include its Exquisite Corpse group poems, including the “Made In Gary” and “Gary Is” poems composed of lines from more than 50 workshops over the course of the year.

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