Poet’s verses capture all painful mundanity surrounding sexual assault (via Quartz)

Full Title: “This British-Jamaican-Nigerian poet’s verses capture all the painful mundanity surrounding sexual assault (via Quartz)”

In a wave both disturbing and necessary, sexual assault—an old, pervasive, societal ill—has taken over the news cycle. Dozens of women have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct, more than 200 said filmmaker James Toback harassed them, and fashion photographer Terry Richardson—repeatedly accused of harassment by models he worked with—was finally blacklisted by Condé Nast. Meanwhile, women from all walks of life have shared their own experiences with harassment, assault, and rape.

It feels like the lid might finally be off of Pandora’s box—and there’s no putting the truth back inside.

Yrsa Daley-Ward, a British poet of Jamaican and Nigerian descent, has experienced her share of harassment and objectification. She has also written about it in her deeply personal, uncomfortably honest collection of poems, bone. One poem in particular, which gives the collection its title, describes several episodes of sexual abuse perpetrated by different predators.

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