Nego True gets on board for foster kids’ mentoring project (via Guardian UK)

Full Title: “Youtube sensation Nego True of Leyton gets on board for foster kids’ mentoring project (via Guardian)”

Watch the poem here!

A Youtube sensation has joined forces with a children’s charity to pair up youngsters in foster care with positive mentors they can look up to.

Nego True of Leyton recently launched the campaign, run by Barnardo’s and the National Independent Visitor Network, with a video for his thousands of followers.

The musician and poet is calling on children and teenagers in foster care to sign up for the initiative and volunteers to give up their time to become positive role models for them.

Independent visitors, or IVs, are volunteers who are carefully matched with young people in care to build a positive, trusting and consistent relationship over the long term.

Nego hopes the video, produced with the involvement of children in care and with support from advertising agency Chapter, will help raise awareness of the vital role an IV can have in the life of a young person with no supportive family of their own.

Click here for more information.


Nego True | Guardian UK

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