Columbus man performs the Spoken Word after his life changed while behind bars (via ABC6)

De’Jon White was on the wrong path.

At age 17, he was convicted for felonious assault.

He was in a gang.

He was making mistakes.

He recognizes it now and recognized during his incarceration.

“It took me three years (behind bars) to discover who I was,” he said. “I was striving to be someone that I chose to be, not the person I was chosen to be.”

De’Jon says his life changed when he started praying.

“I’m a man of Christ, and I do believe that he came into my life and changed my life a lot,” said De’Jon. “I went from being a savage to a man of character.”

While incarcerated, De’Jon started writing in a journal.

Now, he is turning those journal entries into the Spoken Word, a type of performance art.

“I feel like everyone has some type of greatness inside of them,” he said. “Everyone has potential, but not everyone knows how to tap into their inner-self and bring that out.”

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