Elizabethtown poet Brianna Wiest addresses emotional intelligence, mental health issues (via Lancaster Online)

Full Title: ” Elizabethtown graduate Brianna Wiest uses her prose and poetry to address emotional intelligence, mental health issues (via Lancaster Online)”

Brianna Wiest keeps a small notebook with her. Printed on its cover is a simple mantra, but one the Lancaster writer abides by closely: “Ideas become things.”

Wiest says she writes new ways she can expand her horizons daily in the journal. Some are ideas for articles she could pitch to national publications. Others might be people she hopes to connect with.

It’s a tangible collection of what the Elizabethtown College graduate describes as “hmm, maybe thoughts.”

“Everything in my life has started with one ‘hmm, maybe thought,’” Wiest says. “‘Hmm, maybe.’ That’s it.”

Her latest “hmm, maybe thought”: a foray into the world of poetry.

Wiest recently submitted her manuscript for her first book of poetry, “Salt Water.” The book’s release date is forthcoming. The 24-year-old already has published three books of essays written for the website Thought Catalog: “101 Essays to Change the Way You Think,” “The Truth About Everything” and “The Human Element.”

She is a regular contributor to national publications including Huffington Post, Teen Vogue and Allure. Wiest served as an editorial director at Thought Catalog, where she amassed 70 million reads on her articles.

Wiest works as a writer and copy editor for Fine Living Lancaster. She also founded the website Soul Anatomy and has written sponsored content for brands including Smartwater and HBO’s “Girls.”

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