Spoken Word poetry camp teaches students about city’s history (via The Birmingham Times)

A dozen students participating in Through the Eyes of a Young Poet, a spoken word poetry camp taking place this week at the Birmingham Central Library downtown, got to see first-hand photos and artifacts of Birmingham’s civil rights past and other historical events.

The Birmingham Public Library (BPL) is partnering with John Paul Taylor of Real Life Poets to offer the week-long spoken word poetry camp for Birmingham area teens in grades 9-12 that kicked off Monday, July 10, in the Central Library downtown. The teens will write original poems about the civil rights movement which will be recorded via video or audio for BPL’s Archives Department.

“We have had an incredible group of teens working with us this week from all over Birmingham and Jefferson County,” said Lance Simpson, department head, The Learning Center, Birmingham Public Library. “Each day, they have discussed the Civil Rights Movement both past and present. We’ve talked about major events from the 1960s, and where the Civil Rights Movement is in present day and what they hope to see with the movement going forward.”

Click here for more information.


The Birmingham Times | Real Life Poets

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