Spoken Word presents the Poetry Sessions (via The Namibian)

IN between Spoken Word’s popular bi-monthly show, there are the Poetry Sessions. A more casual coming together of performance poetry novices and veterans who take to the revolving developmental stage to return to the game, try out new material or make their Spoken Word debut.

“Our bi-monthly sessions are a research attempt, so to say,” says veteran poet and Spoken Word steering committee member Nesindano ‘Truth’ Namises.

“This platform is where we would like to allow poets to explore their writing and performing skills while identifying what we need to do to help develop skills and contribute to their growth.”

Currently in its 12th year of existence and buoyed by the acclaim of poets such as Truth, Ashwyn Mberi, Harry, Miss Anne and Playshis the Poet, Spoken Word is at the stage where it is eager to unearth new talent from all walks of life and has been running the sessions since March.

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The Namibian

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